Thursday, January 12, 2006

Missions accomplished

Long Bruins Wives Carnival stories short: It was great getting Cam Neely and Ray Bourque to sign pucks in the same day, as well as Patrice Bergeron recognizing Colin.

Exhibit A:

Early-session keepers (top row, from left), obtained within 20 minutes at the end of event:
Boston Bruins 05-06 official game puck: Cam Neely
Boston Bruins fan puck: Patrice Bergeron (One instance where a black Sharpie works well.)
Boston Bruins 05-06 official game puck (After signing the fan puck, Patrice looked up, grinned at the familiar face and said, much to the surprise of one volunteer, "Hey, Colin. How'ya doing?) : Patrice Bergeron

Exhibit B:

General-session keepers (bottom row, from left), obtained after paying $20, waiting about 45 minutes and giving Ray his family's two-card set (his son Chris shown playing for the Hershey Bears, scored seven goals in Team USA's disappointing WJC in Vancouver, B.C.) in this year's ITG Heroes & Prospects set:
"Welcome Back Ray" puck (Limited edition marking his March 24, 2001, return to Boston following the March 6, 2000, trade to suddenly everyone's favorite Western Conference team, the Colorado Avalanche.): Ray Bourque
Colorado Avalanche 2000-01 Stanley Cup champions puck (Celebrating the team's second Cup win and, more importantly, Ray's first and only of his stellar 22-year career): Ray Bourque.


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