Thursday, January 12, 2006

Carnival: $weet one-timer

The Bruins Wives Carnival, quite simply, is a hoot. Prepare, though, to dig deep.

Donations let Colin play, among other things, bubble hockey with Marco Sturm, score a last-second air-hockey goal on Andrew Alberts (see above, thanks to Jaci) and, in his greatest moment, scatter chairs and volunteers while driving a mini Zamboni.

Colin’s biggest donation earned him a seat on the Bruins bench during warmups at an upcoming home game. How cool is that?

It’s one of the ways I give back to the team. As a hound, I can get these autographs for nothing more than the cost of items and travel. The carnival, thankfully, can be highly entertaining.

Yeah, you spend a lot of money. But you have a great time. The players notice, too.


Anonymous Jaci said...

Photo can be seen here until I get it emailed to you.

1:39 AM  

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